@ Gowanus Studio Space
Saturday March 31, 8pm – late

[ featuring ]

Daniel NOHEJL, Nathaniel OTTING, and
Jacqueline WATERS. Special guest,
Croatian poet Ivan HERCEG will kick things

[ party ]

In the Gowanus w / your best friends.

[ beer + music ]

DJ Nicole REBER takes over
after midnight.

[ chapbook ]

Designed for the occasion
by artist/printer Sarah Nicole PHILLIPS
for all guests, who are all invited.

Daniel NOHEJL is an Adult Basic Education instructor at the YWCA of Queens. His first pamphlet, Live a Little Better, was produced by The Physiocrats in 2009. Recent work has appeared in Stonecutter.

Nathaniel OTTING is a sub-sub librarian at Flying Object, book collective of Hadley, MA and head of the Robert Walser Society of (Western) Massachusetts. Some poems can be found in Skein, The Poetry Project Newsletter, and notnostrums.He is the author of Some Wrong Book (Supermachine, 2011) and the editor of minutes BOOKS.

Jacqueline WATERS is the author of One Sleeps the Other Doesn’t (Ugly Duckling, 2011), A Minute without Danger (Adventures in Poetry, 2001), and two chapbooks, The Saw That Talked (minutes BOOKS) and The Garden of Eden a College (A Rest Press). Her work has appeared in 6×6, The Poker, Zoland Poetry, Chicago Review, No: A Journal of the Arts, Realpoetik, Boston Review, and The Poetry Project Newsletter. She is editor of the The Physiocrats, a pamphlet press.

Ivan HERCEG is a poet and prose writer. He is the executive editor of the Croatian magazine Poezija and a co-organizer of the “Stih u regiji” literary festival. Among his books of poetry are the award-winning Our Other Names, Night on Asphalt, and Irregularities. His poetry has been widely translated.

Private Line is operated by Kendra Sullivan, Megan Ewing & Macgregor Card.

The Gowanus Studio Space is a non-profit organization, providing artists and designers with the resources necessary to make ambitious work a reality. [www.gowanusstudio.org


Are you organizing an offsite event to celebrate the Chapbook Festival’s publishers and poets? Let us know, and we’ll feature your event here! E-mail abozicevic@gc.cuny.edu.


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