We are all set! Join us today for Lunch Poems readings at 12 noon with Brandon Downing, Guy PettitMontana RayBryan BeckPaige TaggartSasha Fletcher, Alina GregorianCori CoppNat OttingElizabeth Clark Wessel, Nate PrittsKrystal Languell and Adam Robinson!

Then at 3pm attend a workshop with Ryan Murphy and Iris Cushing and Elizabeth Clark Wessel — and at 5pm, stay for the one with Adam Robinson, Martin Rock and Lucy Ives.

And then, friends, remain for the panel discussion on translation & publishing at 7pm featuring Ammiel Alcalay, Esther Allen, Susan Bernofsky, Anna Moschovakis, Eliot Weinberger, the Croatian editors of Poezija magazine and moderator Ana Božičević.

Quel délire de lire! Come on over. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up an exclusive copy of Lorine Niedecker‘s “Homemade Poems” at the Lost & Found table — a preview of series III.



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